Road traffic noise mapping method in urban areas using QGIS software.

XII Ibero-American Acoustics Congress - XXIX SOBRAC Meeting. Florianópolis. 2022. Authors: PEIXOTO, N. G. M.; Azevedo Filho, M. A. N.

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Evaluation of the acoustic performance and surface characteristics of porous friction course in urban environments.

Transportation. 2022. Authors: ALECRIM, C.M.C.; CASTELO BRANCO, V.T.F; PEIXOTO, N.G.M.; ALVES, A; PINHEIRO, G. M.

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Noise mapping and acoustic evaluation of different pavement surfaces in the city of Fortaleza, northeast Brazil.

INTERNOISE - 51st International Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering. Glasgow/UK. 2022. Autores: PEIXOTO, N. G. M.; ALECRIM, C.M.C.; PINHEIRO, G. M; ZANNIN. P.H.T.; CASTELO BRANCO, V.T.F; MONTEIRO; L.M.

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Impact of traffic-related environmental noise on school children and teachers in a Brazilian city 

Canadian Acoustics, v. 46, p. 15-26, 2018. ARY JUNIOR, I. J. ; Azevedo Filho, M. A. N. ; MOTA, F. S. B. ; PEIXOTO, N. G. M. ; BRITO, F. A. C.  

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